Girls, only one ungodly sexual activity might deform your future!

DEAR Aunty Temilolu,

I’m 18 years outdated, I’ve a boyfriend and I like him a lot and he loves me as a result of he often does issues that make me comfortable and in addition advises me after I go off the precise path. I don’t need only a mere relationship with him; I need to be his life accomplice. I used to be a virgin earlier than I met him.

He requested me for intercourse and I gave it to him as a result of he was not comfortable after I refused at first. Please what ought to I do as a result of he’s asking for it once more? I don’t need to have intercourse with him once more and I don’t need to lose him. Please I would like your recommendation as a result of I don’t need to lose him or make him sad?

My darling, valuable, wonderful, dignified, world-famous and heavenly celebrated Nigerian sisters,

Why would you’re keen on any man above your self, above your wonderful future? Why would you please a boy or man to the detriment of your current and your future?

If solely locations of worship slammed the results of ungodly intercourse in your faces at each single service, the facility within the phrase of God would pierce your hearts and open up your religious understanding by fireplace by pressure and envelope you with the spirit of God which might make you detest each type of sin.

Alas, the crux of immediately’s messages is hinged on prosperity! How can anybody who’s closely yoked with the spirits and bondages of a number of, actually uncountable sexual companions make something significant out of life and never go from bother to hassle?

How can one uncover one’s life accomplice, future helper and help-mate when he/she is already confused and derailed due to an ungodly soul-tie?

How then can such an individual benefit from the prosperity nuggets he/she is weekly bombarded with in church if our frequent enemy-the satan succeeds in becoming a member of him/her along with his/her future destroyer?

This is a really critical matter and one of many causes for many of immediately’s divorces and scattered lives of each dad and mom and the youngsters of the failed marriage.

Sadly, lives which had been designed to be so stunning change into a nightmare and desires which had been constructed for years and reached a dizzying top, crash all of the sudden into smithereens due to somebody’s impatience, ungodliness, religious dullness and so forth. I pray this received’t be your portion in Jesus mighty identify. AMEN!

The level is as soon as a life is polluted or contaminated by sexual activity with the flawed individual, it might have a cataclysmic impact and I let you know it solely takes the mercy of God for such future to re-align with God’s divine agenda.

At 18, the place has my younger girl reached in life for her to really feel her boyfriend is God’s present and one of the best that will come her approach? How very naïve and myopic of her.

Perhaps she’s not even within the college but. We meet increasingly more folks each day, and can at all times get carried away by totally different personalities.

She has a couple of years to spend within the college the place she would meet the nice, the unhealthy and the ugly, she goes to look at the NYSC and meet extra thrilling and attention-grabbing guys but the world at giant is ready for her-church, work, social features, I might go on and on!

My sweeties, what’s the push? Do you already know simply that single act of intercourse might introduce uncontrollable lust into one’s life and earlier than you might be 22 you discover out you’ve slept with 30 or extra guys?

How are you able to accommodate such rot in your future? Because your different associates are participating in it and appear to be having a ball doesn’t imply you’ll have a ball as nicely neither will they get away with it.

The earlier you realise that all of us have totally different destinies which carry numerous weights spiritually, the higher!

I ask again- HOW MANY SOULS DO YOU WANT TO BE MARRIED TO BEFORE YOU REACH THE RIPE AGE OF MARRIAGE? Hmmm….otherwise you didn’t know sexual activity is sexual union/religious union? May the facility of God pull you again and will you see purpose with this text in Jesus identify!

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