What is mistaken with Nigeria?

IN a current article, I said: ‘I make bold to say that Nigeria will never, never, never break up.’ Some individuals rebuked and admonished me for saying Nigeria won’t ever break up. As far as these individuals are involved, Nigeria will break up; it’s only a matter of time. Majority of Nigerians consider within the unity and indivisibility of the nation.

Chimamanda Adichie talked about “The danger of a single story.”  She mentioned: ‘The single story creates stereotypes, and the problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue, but that they are incomplete. They make one story become the only story.’

The press is abuzz with Obasanjo and Gowon calls for brand new structure and restructuring. The statements from the elder statesmen create discipline day for the ethnic warlords to up the ante of their name for restructuring of the nation. So, the sing-song of the only story ‘Restructure’ received a lift.

A buddy introduced me his scripts for a Talk Show “Ujamaa” for overview. The task entails detailed page-to-page critique of the scripts for every episode. The very first thing that captivates me is the title “Ujamaa”, a Swahili phrase expressing ‘Brotherly Spirit of Communalism Deeply Rooted in Black Consciousness’. The program is aimed toward supporting the one nation-one future Nigeria, emphasizing issues that unite us, thereby selling Unity in Diversity.

What I discover very fascinating in regards to the proposed Talk Show is that it avoids “the single story” as every subject is seen and analysed from completely different views.

Let’s take a snapshot of one of many episodes:

Ï%Politicians are the issues of Nigeria, as a result of they’re miss-leaders. They not solely mislead but additionally misinform the hapless residents. Politicians can lie, a lot that even Steve Wonder and Andrea Bocelli may look into their eyes and see they’re mendacity. —

Ï% The citizens are the issues, as they vote for abdomen infrastructure, if in any respect they arrive out to vote. Some of the electorates are individuals who need to reap the place they didn’t sow.

Ï%Civil servants too, as they will finest be described as evil servants. Ï%Business individuals: These are undertakers working to bury the financial system. That is the rationale they flood our markets with faux and substandard items together with faux medicine to ship the sick to early graves.

Ï%1914 British amalgamation: How are you able to sew over 250 nations with completely different languages and tradition collectively? That is colonial misadventure.

Let’s conclude this epistle by taking snapshot of the options proffered by the audio system:

#Politician as the issue: A regulation requiring the necessary public declaration of the belongings of the “immediate family” (which means husband, spouse and kids) of all specified public officers on appointment or assumption of responsibility in addition to after disengagement.

#Electorate as the issue:  We ought to introduce necessary voting.

#Civil servants as downside: Citizens ought to monitor the life fashion of civil servants of their neighbourhood and use social media community to show officers suspected of residing above their means. —

#Business individuals as downside: Create very strict regulation to curb the inflow of pretend and substandard items.

#1914 amalgamation as downside: Nigeria ought to imbibe and assimilate the African Spirit of “Ujamaa Socialism” as propagated by late Julius Nyerere. This brotherly spirit of communalism will assist to get rid of each type of division alongside tribal strains and foster that brotherhood that’s deeply rooted in “Black Consciousness.”

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