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How I discovered my African roots – Haitian creator, Francoise Merus

Francoise Merus lived all her life in Haiti and the United States of America.

She grew up in Haiti and schooled largely in America. The solely cultures she knew had been that of the folks on the Caribbean Island of Haiti and the American folks till destiny took her on a journey that modified her life fully.

“I have always seen myself as a Haitian until I took a DNA and discovered I’m actually Ghanaian. My parents didn’t even know. I took an ancestry test and once I found out I went to Ghana. Black people in the Islands are ignorant of their African history. We have to find out through testing and research, that is why I really want more black people from the Islands to find out their history. I told my parents now they want to know more,” she revealed in a current interview the place she talked about her ardour for Black love and Black excellence.

“I am now on a mission to learn more about my roots and I want to give back more to Ghana. We have such a painful history with slavery but I know there is more to us than just that. Also, I want to share stories about Ghanaians and their love stories more on my platform. I feel a sense of obligation to give more light to my people. My overall outlook is on what slavery and separation has brought on black peoples and it is still going on. Look at how I had to go digging to know more about my roots. We should all go digging to know more about where we come from. Also, Ghana is a very peaceful country and I feel so at home. I am very proud,” she added.

She admitted that there are cultures on the Island that replicate African ancestry however held that most of the Island folks don’t see past what it seems to be.

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“There is still a huge disconnect. Many Island people embrace the culture but don’t go digging to know more. There are a lot of similarities but I had to find out my tribe which my parents didn’t know. We are from the Ashanti tribe,” she stated.

Francoise Merus grew up in Haiti as a toddler, then moved to Miami, Florida the place she completed highschool, then went to Barry University, additionally in , Florida the place she studied public relations

Three years in the past she created a neighborhood known as with over half one million followers on Instagram. It’s a cultural web site celebrating black excellence and black love. She’s additionally an creator who had revealed 4 books about poetry and self assist. She has held loads of occasions and have accomplished so much in controlling the narrative about black love and black excellence.

Francoise can also be a world traveler, serving to others to journey the world at inexpensive charges by a platform she created known as She’s a full time entrepreneur.

“I aspire to show my people that with social media you can create a living and income; follow your passion. I am managing my Black Love Page blog website full time where I make a living through running ads and I have memberships for wedding vendors and I attend weddings to help them go viral” she enthused.

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