Nollywood Movies Bound Men In Bondages of Sins- Mike Bamiloye

MIke Bamiloye

Mike Bamiloye | Daily Post Nigeria

Evangelist and founding father of Mount Zion Drama Ministry, Mike Bamiloye, has stated that he and members of his drama ministry should not Nollywood artistes.

In an Instagram put up titled “We Are Drama Ministers Not Nollywood Artistes”, he acknowledged that “there is no value the Nollywood artistes are coming to add to the gospel movie productions.”

According to him, “people are getting happier with the result of gospel movie productions” as their souls and lives are getting touched with affect going far past the shores of Nigeria.

Furthermore, he acknowledged gospel movies “heal and deliver from the powers of darkness,” whereas Nollywood movies compared, “entertains and entangles with webs of human philosophies and ungodly principles.”

He buttresses the aforementioned when he provides:

“Gospel movies set men free from the bondage of the Devil, by the power of the Holy Ghost. But Nollywood movies bound men in bondages of sins, immorality and violence. Therefore, there is no value the Nollywood artistes can add to the gospel movie productions.”

The clergyman additional goes on to say that the presence of Nollywood artistes in gospel motion pictures can not enhance the anointing of God upon the manufacturing. Rather, their presence in gospel movies “would confuse the viewers and audience.”

Bamiloye admits that whereas they could use the crew from Nollywood, they “cannot use their persons” as a result of “anyone may construct the altar of worship but not anyone could minister thereon.”

His put up goes on to make clear that whereas there are Christians amongst Nollywood practitioners with some employees within the church, Jesus is aware of them “as people who make movies to lure away from God.”

The put up reads additional:

“They have been known and tagged as Nollywood artistes who make a particular type of movies they are searching Godly alternatives for.”

Bamiloye opines that whoever hates secular artistes “is not a child of God” and states that there are “a lot of wonderful men and women amidst them who are just doing their professions and careers.” 

The two-part put up continues that whereas Nollywood artiste “may do faith-based movies because it contains the traces of the gospel,” they (drama ministers) do evangelical gospel movies “that fully contain the revelation of the mind of God with the manifestation of the power of the Spirit of the Lord.” 

According to Bamiloye, faith-based movies are “an attempt to stand in between, without the boldness to declare on which faith” the film relies.

Bamiloye concludes by saying that the drama ministers are evangelicals who’re “pilgrims on earth” with their vacation spot, heaven.

Born on April 13, 1960, Bamiloye based Mount Zion on August 5, 1985. His debut drama, titled Hell in Conference was staged in 1986. He has featured, produced and directed a number of Nigerian movies over time.

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