DJ Makes £3000 In 2 Hours Selling Toilet Paper During Coronavirus Pandemic

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DJ Lee

DJ LEE | DailyMail

Diferent individuals are capitalising on the novel coronavirus pandemic to rake in some additional money.

One of such folks is a British disc jockey (DJ) recognized as Lee Marshall who reportedly made as a lot as £3,000 after promoting 600 circumstances of 45 bathroom papers behind his van.

Marshall who’s from Kent offered the rolls to these in determined want of toiletry druing the coronvirus outbreak.

In a video on YouTube, he urged folks to ‘get down here’ as stockpiling grips the nation. He continued:

‘If you want loo roll you’ve received to get off the bed at 4am get yourselves right down to Morrisons or Aldi, you’ll be queueing up for about an hour and also you would possibly have the ability to get one for those who’re fortunate.

‘Lee’s Loo Rolls Limited is now open.’

Dj Lee

Dj Lee | DailyMail

Also often known as Disco Boy, the DJ advised Metro UK that he was contacted by a provider who was caught with the bathroom papers after resorts refused t o purchase them.

He mentioned:

‘A supplier messaged us and said they’ve received a great deal of bathroom roll and may’t promote them as a result of resorts aren’t shopping for for the time being. They’re simply sitting in a warehouse.

‘I looked in the supermarket and they were roughly the same price as an Andrex toilet paper anyway – so we’ve kind of made £3-per-pack on them. ‘We kept some back for delivering at night – as we’ve had lots of people messaging that they will’t attain us. My mate Brett was out till 11.30pm the day earlier than.

‘The last drop-off I did last night, the old lady was scared and left her money by the door. We’ve completed so many dwelling deliveries and haven’t charged additional for them.’

After making a lot extra, he isn’t against the concept of capitalising once more as he admitted to the likelihood.

He mentioned:

‘I’m a DJ and I’ve had so many gigs cancelled. I’ve received payments to pay and making an attempt to maintain my head above water. I’ve all the time been a little bit of a businessman and thought you possibly can’t all the time make recollections, however you possibly can all the time generate income.’

DJ Lee

DJ Lee | DailyMail

However, some quarters accused him of profiteering and utilizing a virus to generate income.

Responding to the criticism, Lee wrote on his YouTube channel that he and his pals had misplaced their jobs.

He added:

‘All 4 of us concerned have misplaced our jobs – we had this week and have payments to pay like anybody else.

‘Just putting this out there as there seems to be a lot of statements going around that we profited heavily from the vulnerable when it’s not like that in any respect.

‘Actually had a horrible week regardless of conserving a smile and powering by way of – listening to of so many others shedding their jobs and my gigs getting cancelled.

‘Most of us reading this have our health, a roof over are head and a half comfy bed. I’ve by no means been one to point out off materialistic issues – I’m all about making the recollections, travelling to locations and many others it’s gonna be robust occasions for all forward. Always recognize the easy issues in life.

‘I’m normally comfortable on a regular basis, I’m messing round with pals, making random vidz – simply saying this trigger now could be the time to be very cautious with the cash we do have in occasions of uncertainty.

Peace out a lot.’

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