The Nigeria of my dream at 60:  It is as much as us, now

Nigeria can be 60, its diamond anniversary, in a matter of months – exactly October 1, 2020.  There is a purpose that sixty is thought to be the age of diamond, essentially the most valuable and the toughest naturally-formed mineral but identified. These are two distinguishing qualities of diamond that don’t come simple.  Diamond is ordinarily carbon. Research reveals that it acquires these distinctive properties subjected to excessive situations: temperature of greater than 1,200 levels C (2200 levels F) and stress of about 330,000 kg (725,000lb) per sq. inch. These occur at greater than 90 miles below the bottom and over a interval of a billion years.

There might be no stronger proof that nothing good comes simple. If such temperature and stress over aeons introduced the very best (and never the worst) out of carbon, it’s not unreasonable to count on that powerful situations are the challenges that may carry out greatness in males and nations. Before I stretch the comparability too far, there’s a determinant distinction between inanimate carbon and considering man. Whereas carbon has no selection within the course of that transforms it, males and nations have the liberty (freewill), to by their thought motion, additional, or hinder, the method that may take them to the peak of greatness. Were Nigeria a citizen of Nigeria, it should, at 60 years of age, have survived a number of years past the typical Nigerian ‘life expectancy’ of 50-something years, as calculated by world establishments.

That is an achievement of bodily, religious, and emotional endurance value celebrating. People have a good time their 60th birthday, some their 50th. It is for efficiently navigating the vicissitudes of life, extra so in a worldwide setting stuffed with threats from totally different instructions. A rustic is frequently below internally and externally – induced stresses of political, financial, social, and other forms. But many issues being equal – together with that it doesn’t take its continued existence without any consideration – a federation of countries equivalent to Nigeria can stay for much longer and attain greatness by drawing a number of and various strengths from its plurality.

This nation suffered and survived many man – inflicted stresses and pressures within the final 50 years. It skilled coups d’état, a civil struggle, intermittent communal, non secular, and ethnic clashes. Nigeria has lived by the wastefulness and later, austerity of the Shagari years, the rapacity of the navy regimes, and the political chicanery of the Babangida years of which Joe Igbokwe wrote, accurately, that ‘his tenure represents an error of history’, the Abacha’s oppressive and kleptomaniac regime, and the failed Third time period plot of a sure opinionate president. Our nation continues to endure a usually parasitic elite composed of a crooked enterprise class, an unconscionable, self-seeking political class, egoistic non secular leaders, and boastful and egocentric conventional rulers.  

It is kind of an achievement that this nation stays intact.  But to merely survive isn’t ok; that’s the self –limiting considering of a mediocre. For, sixty years of self-rule, Nigerians, and Nigeria, usually are not but the very best that they are often. But certainly we will. It is as much as us.  If time, temperature and stress make diamond, the character and achievements of Nigeria at 60 ought to by now have a lot to be happy with. Regrettably, this nation of a lot is, to be charitable, merely a diamond within the making. So, despite the fact that there may be trigger to rejoice that we stay one in any respect, if we contemplate what and the place this nation needs to be by its diamond anniversary – solely months away – there usually are not sufficient causes to mark this occasion the best way a diamond anniversary is normally celebrated.

To suppose in any other case is to stay in denial of the details.  Nonetheless, I dare not hand over on, or lose hope for my nation; I’ve no different.  Besides, two nice minds give me causes to hope. Dr. Martin King Jr. advises that we should settle for finite disappointment however by no means lose infinite hope, and Dostoevsky warns that ‘to live without hope is to cease to live’. I don’t need to die but. So, I dream of and hope for a fantastic Nigeria that’s prepared, prepared, and capable of fulfill its future among the many Black race. It is do-able, it’s potential, it should occur in due season. How quickly or delayed is as much as us. But first some reflection. As Maya Angelou says, when you don’t know the place you’ve come from, you don’t know the place you’re going.  How did we come to this beautiful move?  Where did we get it fallacious?  In the phrases of a Nigerian saying, ‘where did the rain begin to beat us?’

The first and total level to make is that Nigeria’s issues originate from, are created, by Nigerians. Briefly said, Nigeria has a ‘human quality problem’. The second level – and it derives straight from the primary – is that, as Achebe (1983) places it, the difficulty with Nigeria is the failure of its management (composed of Nigerians). I submit that, much more elementary than management failure, the issue of Nigeria is Nigerians! Countries are constructed on the character of their individuals, wrote one non secular author. Character deficiency is the guts of the issue with Nigeria. The third level is that, whereas most Nigerians are sad with the sorry state of their nation, it’s by now, repeatedly confirmed that salvation could by no means come from the highest, from small dominant class that perpetrates, perpetuates, and bountifully advantages from the established order.

It is fashionable, however lazy, considering to count on that Nigeria’s energy elite will ‘do something’ in regards to the many issues fallacious with our nation. If it may possibly, it apparently won’t at the price of its personal comfort. Otherwise, it will have below its navy wing when, as a stratocracy, drastic, optimistic and enduring steps could possibly be taken to set the nation on the best path. But such expectation is akin to asking a person to destroy the supply of his current consolation and future advantages. That nice an expectation would require him to re-define and re-invent himself – values, considering and function. An excessive demand certainly! In any case, nobody provides what he doesn’t have. There is another excuse that the drastic measures to wash up and elevate this nation could by no means come from the current leaders. The recruitment course of into management ensures that the crooked attracts solely its kind.

Which explains the capability for corruption of even youthful members of the ruling elite. Considering the quantity which might be reportedly stolen, in addition to the unabashed show of wealth, the youthful ones are extra brazen than their mentors.  No surprise little has modified, yr in yr out, below administrations. The French would say ‘plus ca change, plus c’est la meme selected’ which means that the extra issues change, the extra they continue to be the identical. Surely, there may be want for a brand new solution to tackle the issues that hold us and our nation down. Instead of a top-down strategy which will by no means impact the change we want for our nation, I counsel a individuals centered, self-engendered, bottom-up change of perspective and dedication.
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