Watch: Joyner Lucas Transforms Into Will Smith In “Will”

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Joyner Lucas – Will

In anticipation of his upcoming long-awaited debut album, ADHD, American rapper Joyner Lucas has launched the music video to “Will”, a track which is a homage to actor Will Smith.

In the video, Joyner Lucas morphs into totally different Will Smith’s characters from a few of his hottest movies, together with The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Bad Boys, Men in Black and Pursuit of Happyness and even Smith’s animated character Oscar from Shark Tale.

Will Smith responded through a video printed on his Instagram story that he’s humbled and honoured:

“Joyner Lucas. That joint is crazy. Dude, I am humbled and honoured. One of the lines you’re saying in there, ‘You inspire people and you don’t even know it.’ It has been my intention from day one to really go into the world and just put positive energy and to be able to use my creation to inspire and elevate and empower. I just love what you’ve done, it’s creative. Brother again, humbled and hope to meet you one day.”

Meanwhile, ADHD is scheduled to be launched on March 27, 2020.

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