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Lockdown violation may cause 57,000 cases of coronavirus in Kaduna, government warns

The taskforce on COVID19 in Kaduna state has expressed fear that the state could record about 57,000 cases of coronavirus due to the violation of lockdown order.

The taskforce said the case of an infected gateman who returned from Lagos is evident enough to show that there is local transmission of the disease,  hence the need to comply with the stay-at-home order.

The state government lamented that tracing of over 300 persons in contact with the gateman from Lagos will be an impossible task as six persons had tested positive to COVID-19 in Kaduna.

Kaduna State Commissioner For Internal Security and Home Affairs, Samuel Aruwan in a video clip addressing security men said the state does not have “the capacity to handle large number of infected persons.”

Aruwan, who warned of an Impending disaster in a failure to ensure that lockdown in the state, urged the patrol team( Security men) to “please intensify the patrol and sustain the tempo. 

“Nobody should come out and say they are government official and start intimidating you. Stop them who so ever and force them to identify themselves.

“If we dont do what we are doing, we will end up with a disaster.”

While speaking, he said “Our risk assessment is 57,000. So if we have 57,000 testing positive what are we going to do? we dont have the equipment and facilities or hospitals that could take care of such number.

“And if we do what we are doing, we will end up with at least two thousand plus.

“Imagine the guy that came from Lagos, he is a gateman from kawo. Entered a commercial vehicle from Lagos to Kaduna,  and he must have infected so many people. Now we can’t trace about 300 persons from his own family and people in area in Mando.”


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