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No disagreement with Oyedepo, Oyakhilome on closure of churches, Oyemade reacts

The Senior Pastor of The Covenant Nation Poju Oyemade has disclaimed widespread media reports stating that he disagreed with prominent pastors Chris Oyakhilome and Bishop David Oyedepo.

“My attention has been drawn to articles going around some websites that an article I wrote on how one can remain effective during these times was written in response to Bishop Oyedepo’s statement on the closure of churches. That assumption/inference is simply incorrect,” Oyemade said in a statement on Saturday.

Pastor Oyakhilome and Bishop Oyedepo had recently spoke against the continuous closure of churches as the coronavirus pandemic lingers saying it was against the expansion of the church.

However, Oyemade in a post on his Instagram page said that the closure of churches does not in any way stop the Holy Spirit from working, hence, it was nothing against the church expansion.

Several news reports inferred that Oyemade’s post showed a “disagreement” with Pastor Oyakhilome and Bishop Oyedepo.

But Oyemade’s post from which the news reports were written came 48 hours before Oyedepo’s comment.

“Facts can easily be verified by checking time-lines. My article was written before Bishop Oyedepo spoke. I do understand that certain narratives drive traffic to websites and sowing seeds of division does attract attention.

“I will like to make it clear and on record that my article was written 48 hours before he spoke. In the article, I did emphasise that criticising other ministries and churches’ operations is not a sign of strength on one’s part, so the article contradicts the conclusions being inferred”, Oyemade said.


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