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‘Find creative ways of circumventing lockdown to remain in shape’


Nigeria’s number one golfer, Andrew Oche Odoh, has advised his professional colleagues to devise creative ways of maintaining their form during the COVID-19 lockdown.

The country’s most decorated player revealed he has been engaged actively with the use of some indoor facilities at his home.

Acknowledging the effects of COVID-19 on golf worldwide, Odoh, who won Uganda’s Kilante Open shortly before the outbreak of COVID-19 in China, said it would be defeatist to surrender to the virus, adding players could still train despite the social distancing and other safety strategies devised to fight the spread of the virus.

He said, “At the moment, the golf courses are closed; but I can only advise that as professionals, we have to be creative to maintain good form in the game going forward as no one can tell when things will return to normal.

“I have continued to practice 100 per cent through golf-related activities to keep me active and positive moving forward.

“I do a lot in my house; I use my swing trainer in the house; my alignment stick to align myself properly – I imagine an imaginary line to hit the target; I do my putting, using my cutting mat in the room too; I also use my airball in the room – I try to strike once in a while.

“Obviously, these are some of the things I do in my own little way that has kept me on; I’m enjoying it and I called on others to queue in and that way we will defeat Coronavirus and contain its spread – social distancing and the other rules.”


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