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Actress Laide Bakare reveals how her daughter changed her life

Nollywood actress Laide Bakare has taken to her Instagram page to recount how the birth of her daughter 12 years ago, changed her life completely.

The excited mum shared beautiful photos of her daughter, Simi to celebrate her 12th birthday.

Sharing photos of Simi, the celebrant, Laide Bakare disclosed how her life changed for better after she welcomed her 12 years ago.

She wrote,

“How I jumped into conclusion 12 years ago And TODAY I’m one of the happiest babe ever …moral of the lesson sometimes you just have to follow your heart, because all I wanted then was just to have a BABY Period….

“NOW everything I have achieved in my life commenced just after she came into my life.

“Happy birthday …. my Mum, My Teacher and my Best friend in which I’m well pleased… #worldmostbrilliant #futureamericanpresident”, she added.

Laide Bakare made headlines years ago after her marriage to her first husband crashed as she married another man almost immediately.

Laide Bakare reveals

Laide Bakare reveals

Laide Bakare reveals

Laide Bakare reveals


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