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#BBNaija: “I promise him, he’s going to die… he’ll kill himself, I promise him” – Moment Erica threatened Laycon’s life on LIVE television (WATCH)

Saturday night was quite a memorable night in Big Brother Naija: Lockdown house as statements that were made and death threats that flew in the air will not easily be forgotten by viewers of the show.

This week’s Head of House, Erica became a trending topic on Nigerian social media over her actions after the Saturday night party last night — actions that has prompted a lot of viewers calling for her disqualification from the show.

Erica, while possibly under the influence of alcohol, threw a tantrum in the Big Brother house last night where she cussed out at housemate, Laycon, calling him ugly, a liar and someone who she never dreams of being with because he “lied” about her trying to kiss him.

Erica is heard saying,

Idiot, Short fool. Chicken. Your whole body is like a drumstick of chicken. Right now your brain is evil, so I’m not attracted to anything about you. Stop talking about me. Idiot.”

“That thing that Ebuka said last week is still botherig me. You keep telling me, you’re not ready to talk about it. It’s almost a week.. Are you still being a p***y. 1 week. That’s because he’s scared. He’s f*****g scared, because he knows he lied.. He cannot back it up. 1 week has passed, he has not backed up the claim that I tried to kiss him, at what point did I try to kiss you? You fool, Laycon.. As skinny and ugly as you are, at what point am I gon be attracted to you. How will I be attracted to you? Idiot.”

Not long after cussing him, Erica is seen with TrikyTee and Kiddwaya who were trying to calm her down and in course of their conversation, she laid a threat to Laycon’s life… saying she promises that he’s going to die.

She’s heard saying, “I promise him, he’s going to die, he’ll kill himself, I promise him”. Watch below,

This has caused viewers of the show to call for her immediate disqualification and removal from the Big Brother house… some other social media users have also asked that the DSS and the Nigerian police be involved over her threat to take human life.


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