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“If we complain they will oppress and arrest us” – Harrysong reacts to increase in prices of commodities

Nigerian singer, Harrysong has joined several other Nigerians to react to the persistent increase in prices of commodity in the country.

Harrysong reacts

The artiste hinted on threats of oppression and arrest awaiting those who complain about the increase in prices of things across the country.

Harrysong reacts

The singer made the comment in reaction to popular member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Henry Shield’s tweet on the increased prices of things across the country.

Henry Shield took to Twitter and posted,

“Like play like play, APC took a bag of Rice from N8k to N32k. Fuel from N89 to N162, a dollar from N160 to N480”

Reacting to this, Harrysong wrote,

“na wa o ..and if we complain .. they’ll oppress us and arrest us”.

However in April the singer appealed to President Buhari to stop borrowing money from other countries.

Harrysong made the comment after viral report of the Nigerian senate granting the President’s request of N850bn loan.

Harrysong urged President Buhari to invest in education as the country needs the best brains to sustain the economy.

He wrote,

“Buhari invest in education, it is never too late, start paying students,

“we need brains to sustain this country’s economy and please stop borrowing money from other countries oooooo. I dey shake ooo.” He added


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