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Family of six dies as building collapses in Kebbi

A family of six comprising of a man, his wife, and their four children lost their lives after the building they reside in, collapsed at Yaldu in Arewa Local Government Area of Kebbi state.

According to reports, the building came crumbling after many days of rainfall in the area.

The family who were in the building when it collapsed, all perished and have since been buried according to Islamic injunctions.

In other news, A Nigerian man identified as Muhammed Mubarak recently took to his Facebook page to share photos of the pathetic state of Bayan Tsaha Model primary school in Birnin Kebbi, Kebbi State, where pupils sit on bare floor.

Sharing the photos, he wrote,

“Earlier this morning I went to a school bayan tsaha model primary school near mechanical village birnin Kebbi metropolises, Kebbi State. This is one of the primary school in the area, at first I thought this building is obsolete, but I was told that it’s serviceable .

“That students still sit on the floor of this classroom.the school buildings are all prehistoric and démodé.
Whenever i found this prehistoric buildings Easily recall Kebbi state governor speech during 2015/2019 campaign that he’s going to heed on education and health sector.

“We urge kebbi state government to please consider them and ameliorate their standard of living. May Allah give you the strength and bravery to appraise the prehistoric buildings all in kebbi state and 21 local government areas.
Muhammed Mubarak .


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