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Nigerians Attack Twitter For Suppressing Protest Hashtag, #EndSARS

For three days now, Nigerians have bombarded the social media platform, Twitter in a bid to air their grievances against the Nigerian police and also get the #EndSARS movement broadcasted to the whole world.

The media presence of Nigeria on twitter has also, garnered some positive reactions as some world-recognized leaders and celebrities have added their voices to the struggle.

Of course, every positivity must also have a negative part.

Just this evening, Some Nigerians cried out on twitter on discovering that the #EndSARS movement may have been compromised.

A user named Kukogho Iruesiri Samson @BrainyPoet had noticed that the hashtag was no longer trending as it did yesterday and complained that twitter may have diminished the visibility of the trend.

Still another user, ULOMA @ulxma still gave the same complaint on noticing the #EndSARS trend was not getting the required reach.The reason for the actions by twitter is not known.

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