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Notorious International Hacker Strikes, Hacks NBC Twitter Account

Collective Anonymous, the dreaded international group of hackers, has hacked the Twitter account of National Broadcasting Commission, NBC, News Direct has learnt.

Recall that the hackers had earlier warned President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday in the midst of the now global #EndSARS campaign.

The international hackers yesterday also attacked the Nigerian police website as hundreds of Nigerian police officers have had their identities and bank accounts leaked to the public.

Taking over the Twitter account of NBC, Nigeria’s broadcast industry regulator, Collective Anonymous said they are supporting the #EndSARS campaign and will take over more Nigerian Government Websites and Twitter accounts.

“We #Anonymous Group Of Hackers will continue supporting the citizens of Nigeria. Expect Us #Hacked”, it said.

Meanwhile, the hackers have asked Nigerians on Twitter to suggest any government website or Twitter account they want to be hacked.

The group was responsible for the Tunisian and Egyptian government websites attacks during the Arab Spring and Egyptian revolution in 2011.

In operation condemn Titstorm, the group also shutdown the Australian Government over the Internet filtering legislation in 2010.

Other casualties of their attacks include: Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska; Visa; Mastercard and Paypal for refusing services to Wikileaks.

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